Laser Module Application
Construction Leveling


S&S provides whole series of laser measuring and locating devices with horizontal, vertical and cross laser lines, commonly used for construction leveling tools. S&S have several patents, innovative product design capability, and reliable assembly techniques for both single modules and machines. With S&S LASER measuring and locating devices, you will find your tools to be more precise and easy to use.


Item code Beam Shape Wavelength Power Size SPEC(download)
1894SA-650D Dot 650 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 4.0mm download
1894S6-650D Dot 650 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 8.0mm download
1894S6-635D Dot 635 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 8.0mm download
1894S7-650L10 Line 650 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 10.0mm download
1894S7-635L10 Line 635 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mw Ø 10.0mm download
6594SD-515D14 Dot 515 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mw Ø 14.0mm download
6594SL-515L16 Line 515 nm   Ø 16.0mm download
1894SC-635C16 Cross Line 635 nm <5mW/<11mW Ø 16.0mm  
1894SO-635O15 CONE 635 nm <1.5mW Ø 15.0mm  
1894SO-520O15 CONE 520 nm <1mW Ø 15.0mm