Laser Module Application
Consumer Electronics


S&S provides whole series of laser modules used in consumer electronic products such as pointers, presenters and virtual keyboards. Our products are designed to be compact, have low power consumption and utilized with specialized dot/line/ cross/circle lens. S&S believe that we could provide the most user friendly and professional products to your daily life.



Item code Beam Shape Wavelength Power Size SPEC(download)
1894SAI-650D Dot 650 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 3.3mm download
1894SA-650D Dot 650 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 4.0mm download
1894S9-650D Dot 650 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 6.0mm download
1894SAI-635D Dot 635 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 3.3mm download
1894SA-635D Dot 635 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 4.0mm download
1894S9-635D Dot 635 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 6.0mm download
6594SD-515D3.8 Dot 515 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mw Ø 3.8mm download
6594SD-515D6 Dot 515 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mw Ø 6.0mm download
6594SD-520D8 Dot 515 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mw Ø 8.0mm download
6594SD-505D6 Dot 505 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mw Ø 6.0mm download