Company History

  • Time Histroy
  • 2018

    Developed IR laser rehabilitation product, which is under clinical trial.
    Became a supplier of the world’s biggest laser pointer ODM.
    Became a DG green laser module supplier of the world's leading laser pointer ODM.
    Developed a whole series of DG green laser 505nm modules.
    Bought the standard module in the system of the automatic production line.

  • 2017

    Developed Interactive Kit “InterPro”
    Developed Semiconductor 505nm green laser
    Production with RoHS 2.0

  • 2016

    DG modulation laser module obtained Japan PSC certification
    ISO9001:2015 Revision
    Developed sensor application infrared laser module
    Developed PM2.5 detection laser module
    Developed VR application laser module
    Developed Ultra-Thin flat laser module

  • 2015

    DG modulation laser module compled with JIS6802:2014 (Japan)
    Developed low-current DG modulation laser module

  • 2014

    C-TPAT (anti-terrorism related) Certification 
    BSCI Certificatoin
    Start business sith Lidl (Europe)

  • 2013

    Developed 360 degree DG laser module
    Deceloped cross-line laser module 
    Developed DG laser module for levelling application
    DG modulation laser module compled with FDA
    DG laser module passed TUV

  • 2012

    Developed RGB laser module for projector application
    Developed semiconductor Green Laser (Direct Green, DG) module
    Developed 360 degree (CONE) module

  • 2011

    Developed high power blue laser module
    Developed RGB laser stage light product

  • 2010

    ISO9000:2008 Revision
    Became one of Spencer's main suppliers 

  • 2009

    Start business with a well-known gun sight manufacturer 
    Start business with Office Superstore (Staples group)
    Developed wide-temperature 532nm Green Laser module
    Licensed by Energizer, the world's largest flashlight manufacturer
    Developed stage light with laser/LED
    Penetrated Japan game market

  • 2008

    Start business with Office Depot US & Office Depot Mexico

  • 2007

    Developed Green Laser under JQA standard (Japan)
    Introduction of RoHS system

  • 2006

    Developed 10mm Green Laser module 
    Developed 8mm Green Laser module, the smallest one in the world 
    Developed ACC Green Laser

  • 2005

    Plastics lens factory established in Zhongshan
    Modulation Green Laser pilot run

  • 2004

    Metal parts processing factory established in Zhongshan

  • 2003

    Start business wth COSTCO

  • 2002

    ISO9001:2000 revision

  • 2001

    ISO9001 certified by BVQI (Tainan & Zhongshan factory))

  • 2000

    ISO9001 certified by BVQI (Taipei Office)

  • 1999

    Zhongshan factory production started

  • 1998

    ISO9002 certified by BVQI

  • 1997

    Investement on medical laser related business
    Developed the smallest laser pointer worldwide  

  • 1996

    Investment on laser gun-sight business

  • 1995

    Tainan factory established
    Developed focus-adjustment laser pointer 
    Investment on construction laser 

  • 1994

    Developed laser pointer with timer 

  • 1993

    Company established in Taipei, Taiwan