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About S&S

Sean & Stephen Corporation (S&S) is a professional semiconductor laser module manufacturer. Established in 1993 in Taipei, Taiwan, we have factories located in Tainan, Taiwan and Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in China. S&S mainly sells to customers in the U.S., Europe and Japan, and maintains a positive industry reputation.

S&S is focused on research and development and innovation, having successfully developed Direct Green Laser (DG, which is different from traditional DPSS Green Laser) module, Infrared Laser module in sensor / interactive application, Infrared Laser module in VR application. Our DG laser module is certified by Japan PSC, demonstrating our leading technology in the industry.

S&S has a strong global sales team and strategy. S&S provides certified products with reasonable price in a very short time. Our products are used in different applications by our customers and we focus on building relationships with industry leaders in varying fields. This strategy allows us to partner and grow with our customers as we work together on developing new technologies, brands and other operational channels.  

Our vision is to become the leading laser module supplier in the world.


106 4F, No.3, Lane 335, Sec. 4, Hsin-Yi Road, Taipei, Taiwan

Tainan Office

701 No.66-1, Yuwun Road, East Dist., Tainan, Taiwan
TEL: +886-6-3316296

Zhonshan Xinxi 
Optoelectronic Science Tech 
Co., Ltd

528467  No. 22, 3rd Qianjin Road, 3rd Industry Zone, Tan Zhou Town,
Zhong Shan City, Guan Dong Province, China

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