Pulsed Laser Module for LiDAR

The comparison test of the Japanese commercial LiDAR device (on the left side of the screen) and the LiDAR device used with the S&S pulsed laser module (on the right side of the screen) under 60,000 Lux ambient light condition.

S&S is a semiconductor laser module manufacturer from Taiwan, which can provide you with the 905nm pulsed laser module used for Direct ToF LiDAR sensing technology.
The laser beam is produced by nanosecond pulse, higher peak power, and low average output power to ensure human eye safety.


The module is already integrated with nanosecond pulsed circuit, high voltage driver circuit, a laser diode, and a collimator, which can save a lot of time in LiDAR-related product development.

Application of LiDAR

Industrial Safety

The LiDAR can be set to shut down the potentially dangerous machine when it detects the object and reduces the risk of accidents.

Automated Stacker
Automated Floor Scrubber
Automated Guided Vehicle


S&S provides the customized laser module for LiDAR, please contact us.

Module Size 40 x 32 x 30 mm
VCC Operating Voltage 5.0V(±0.25V)
VCC Starting Current 100mA
VCC Operating Current 30mA
Trigger Frequency 20KHZ
Trigger Voltage CMOS 3.3V & TTL 5.0V rise edge
Trigger Pulse Width 20ns以上
Suggested Average Optical Power 1mW
Suggested Optical Peak Power 10W
Pulse Width 5ns
Beam Size 66mm * 6mm (@5M)
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