Aiming Product


S&S provides whole series of aiming products with two of the most important characteristics for lasers: high-brightness and collimation. The aiming products are used for outdoor hunting, sight calibration, self-defense, and law enforcement purposes. S&S is also proud to specialize in both the design and manufacture of red, green and invisible IR laser. Our special design will meet all of your demands when it comes to shooting, such as being waterproof, shockproof, resilient during inclement weather conditions and being durable over the long term. Our products will make you feel confident and take a well-placed shot every single time. 


S&S provides customized laser module, please Contact us.

Item codeBeam ShapeWavelengthPowerSizeSPEC(download) Inquiry
1894SAI-650DDot650 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 3.3mmdownload
1894SA-650DDot650 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 4.0mm download
1894S9-650DDot650 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 6.0mm download
1894S6-650DDot 650 nm <1mW/<5mWØ 8.0mm download
1894SAI-635DDot635 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 3.3mm download
1894SA-635DDot635 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 4.0mm download
1894S9-635DDot635 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 6.0mm download
1894S6-635DDot635 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 8.0mm download
6594SD-515D6Dot515 nm<1mW/<5mW/<10mwØ 6.0mm download
6594SD-515D4.2Dot515 nm<1mW/<5mW/<10mwØ 4.2mm download
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