UVCLEANER Portable UVC Sterilizer


UVCLEANER effectively removes germs on all your important daily items. UVCLEANER uses a highly effective Taiwanese-made 270nm-280nm ultraviolet LED beam of light which can penetrate the cells of bacteria and viruses and destroy their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecular structures thereby inactivating and killing the germs that can harm you.

Ultra Sterilization >99.9% Sterilization Rate
SGS Tested and Verified
Recommended Radiation Time for Commom Bacteria an Viruses

The data above is based on the following references: 環保簡訊,第15期,洪明瑞、李中光(2012),公衛防疫武器-UVGI 殺菌系統簡介

Lightweight and Protable
Quartz glass with high UVC transmission
4 Hour Battery Life
dustproof water resistant
high-efficient LED Chip
Replaceable rechargeable battery
child lock feature
made in Taiwan

Size and Specification

Product Safety Guide

The data above is based on the following references:  Biological effects of ultraviolet radiation

Based on the chart above, follow these suggestions for purchase, product safety and proper use.

  1. When purchasing a UVC sterilizer, please choose the wavelength carefully. A wavelength between 200-280nm has the best sanitizing effect and lowest risk.
  2. Please make sure the product has a complete and clear third-party test report on sterilization (ex: SGS) to avoid buying a product which may be ineffective and/or high risk.
  3. Although UVC cannot penetrate the outermost skin layer and the cornea of the eye, and the risk of long-term skin cancer and cataracts is low, it is possible to cause short-term tanning and cornea damage.
    Please do not expose your skin or eyes directly to UVC light.

How to use the product safely and correctly

  1. Before using, please make sure there is no dust or dirt on the lens. Please wipe the lens with soft lens cloth or use the included carry bag to clean the lens to help ensure the maximum UVC sterilization effect.
  2. Please unlock the safety lock before using and lock it after using to avoid accidental usage by a child.
  3. The recommended usage distance and time is 1 cm for 3 seconds. You can also increase the size of the sterilization area by using the unit up to 4 cm away from the area you want to clean, but please prolong the irradiation time accordingly to ensure the sanitizing effect. The longer the time, the better the effect.
  4. Please do not use the product on human beings and animals.
  5. If you are not going to use the UVCleaner for an extended period, we suggest you remove the battery, fully charge the battery and then store it separately from the product to prolong the battery life.
  6. Please do not leave this product in high temperature or direct sunlight over long periods of time.


Q: Can I get the same UVC sterilization effect from sunlight?
A: UVC has the best sterilization effect, however, most UVC in the air is filtered by the atmosphere and ozone layer and therefore cannot reach the earth’s surface. Also, the UVB in sunlight cannot provide the same excellent sterilization effects as using the UVCleaner.

Q: UVCleaner uses ultraviolet light, but why is the irradiated light blue?
A: As ultraviolet light is invisible, to make the product more user-friendly, a blue LED will shine at the same time for the customer to know that the UVCleaner is working and sanitizing the area.

Q: Why not use UVC low-pressure mercury lamps?
A: Compared to mercury lamps, UVC LED lamps are smaller, more effective and power saving and more resistant to breakage. Thus, UVC LED lamps are more suitable for portable products such as the UVCLEANER.
Additionally, UVC LED lamps are environmentally safer because they do not contain toxic mercury.
Finally, UVC LED lamps do not generate ozone during operation.
(According to the Minamata Convention on Mercury from the U.N., the production and import of lamps which contain more than 5 mg of mercury are being banned effective 2020)

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