Power Tool


S&S provides whole series of laser locators, used in equipment for drilling, cutting wood, tiles, metals, glasses, and LCD panels. Our laser locators can be designed to integrate into the applications you want and also can be collocated with power supply, LED lighting, brackets and other related accessories. With S&S LASER locating devices, your power tools will be more precise.


S&S provides customized laser module, please Contact us.

Item codeBeam ShapeWavelengthSizeSPEC(download)Inquiry
1894S2-650L9Line650 nmØ 9.0mmdownload
1894S7-650L10Line650 nmØ 10.0mmdownload
1894S2-635L9Line635 nmØ 9.0mmdownload
1894S7-635L10Line635 nmØ 10.0mmdownload
6594SL-515L12Line515 nmØ 12.0mmdownload
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