Industrial Measurement


S&S provides whole series of laser modules with dot/line/cross/circle optical lens which are applied to industrial measurement machines for position and indication, IR thermometers, laser distance detectors and microscopes. S&S always design and manufacture according to your specific requests, making sure your measuring is more precise and reliable. 


S&S provides customized laser module, please Contact us.

Item codeBeam ShapeWavelengthPowerSizeSPEC(download) Inquiry
1894SAI-650DDot650 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 3.3mmdownload
1894SA-650DDot650 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 4.0mmdownload
1894S9-650DDot650 nm<1mW/<5mWØ 6.0mmdownload
1894SAI-635DDot 635 nm <1mW/<5mW Ø 3.3mm download
1894SA-635DDot635 nm<1mW/<5mW Ø 4.0mm  download
1894S9-635DDot 635 nm <1mW/<5mW/<10mwØ 6.0mmdownload
6594SD-515D3.8Dot515 nm<1mW/<5mW/<10mwØ 3.8mmdownload
6594SD-520D6Dot515 nm<1mW/<5mW/<10mwØ 6.0mm
6594SD-520D8Dot515 nm<1mW/<5mW/<10mwØ 8.0mmdownload
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