Company History

2021Own brand product illumiGuider (laser pattern indicator) succeeded in crowdfunding platform FlyingV in Taiwan
Mass production of PM2.5 detection laser module for automobile industry
Own brand product DartShot (laser electronic target) succeeded in crowdfunding platform MAKUAKE in Japan
Supplying to Chinese Top 3 robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer
2020Developed PM2.5 detection laser module for automobile industry
Developed own brand product UVCLEANER (portable UVC sterilizer)
Developed green laser COB module
Developed dTOF pulsed laser module for LiDAR
2019IATF 16949 compliance report certified
Work with global laser presenter leader, IEC60825 Class I certification obtained
Automatic soldering system adopted
Start business with No.1 Chinese robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer
2018Developed IR laser rehabilitation product, which is under clinical trial.
Supplied DG module to world’s No.1 laser presenter brand.
Bought the standard module in the system of the automatic production line.
2017Developed Interactive Kit “InterPro”
Developed Semiconductor 505nm green laser
Production with RoHS 2.0
2016Supplying DG modulation laser module to Japan market, and pass Japan PSC certification.
ISO9001:2015 Revision
Developed sensor application infrared laser module
Developed PM2.5 detection laser module
Developed VR application laser module
Developed Ultra-Thin flat laser module
2015DG modulation laser module compled with JIS6802:2014 (Japan)
Developed low-current DG modulation laser module
2014C-TPAT (anti-terrorism related) Certification 
BSCI certification
Start business sith Lidl (Europe)
2013Developed 360 degree DG laser module
Deceloped cross-line laser module 
Developed DG laser module for levelling application
DG modulation laser module compled with FDA
DG laser module passed TUV
2012Developed RGB laser module for projector application
Developed semiconductor Green Laser (Direct Green, DG) module
Developed 360 degree (CONE) module
2011Developed high power blue laser module
Developed RGB laser stage light product
2010ISO9000:2008 Revision
Became one of Spencer’s main suppliers 
2009Start business with a well-known gun sight manufacturer 
Start business with Office Superstore (Staples group)
Developed wide-temperature 532nm Green Laser module
Licensed by Energizer, the world’s largest flashlight manufacturer
Developed stage light with laser/LED
Penetrated Japan game market
2008Start business with Office Depot US & Office Depot Mexico
2007Developed Green Laser under JQA standard (Japan)
Introduction of RoHS system
2006Developed 10mm Green Laser module 
Developed 8mm Green Laser module, the smallest one in the world 
Developed ACC Green Laser
2005Plastics lens factory established in Zhongshan
Modulation Green Laser pilot run
2004Metal parts processing factory established in Zhongshan
2003Start business wth COSTCO
2002ISO9001:2000 revision
2001ISO9001 certified by BVQI (Tainan & Zhongshan factory))
2000ISO9001 certified by BVQI (Taipei Office)
1999Zhongshan factory production started
1998ISO9002 certified by BVQI
1997Investement on medical laser related business
Developed the smallest laser pointer worldwide 
1996Investment on laser gun-sight business
1995Tainan factory established
Developed focus-adjustment laser pointer 
Investment on construction laser 
1994Developed laser pointer with timer 
1993Company established in Taipei, Taiwan
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