Company Culture

Sean & Stephen Corporation relies on three principles of Kindness, Hope and Happiness to inspire our staff, making the best possible contribution to the society.


Kindness: Gathering a group of kindhearted people to work together and make a joint contribution to society.
Hope: Devotion to innovating new products and product line expansion, giving employees a better future.
Happiness: With a happy and harmonious environment, our employees work with the highest efficiency to achieve the greatest goals and happiness.


Sean & Stephen Corporation develops 10~20 new products annually. We strive to be the leader in an ever-changing market environment and to create value to meet the demands of our customers. We will continue to evolve and differentiae our products to ensure that each new product will be well received by our customers.


Sean & Stephen Corporation works with many different industries. On the basis of laser modules, we provide various products with our own value proposition. With cross industry collaboration, we provide products with competitive pricing and relatively short lead-time.


Sean & Stephen Corporation firmly believes that sharing is the only way that all stakeholders, including our employees and business partners, can benefit from our growth and development.

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